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Kidnap and Ransom Insurance

With a reported increase in global kidnappings, it makes sense to think about taking out kidnap and ransom insurance if your job or lifestyle leaves you open to such threats.

There are an average 20,000 reported incidents of kidnap reported globally each year and the number is rising. High risk areas include Latin America, the Middle East, Africa and Asia, with the oil, gas, pharmaceutical, telecommunications and non-profit organisations particularly at risk.

If you are a politician, celebrity, overseas consultant or security personnel working in remote areas, particularly those known for conflict and terrorism, you should strongly consider taking out kidnap and ransom insurance.

Likewise, if you are a company operating in a country or industry that leaves you open to such threats as kidnap, detention, hijack or extortion, it’s important you provide your employees with maximum protection.

Not only is there the personal trauma to consider, but also the financial implications of paying a ransom, and such concerns as business interruption, litigation and loss of reputation.

With experience of arranging such insurance, we can provide a bespoke policy through a well-known insurer, tailored to your individual or company requirements, and offering a wide range of benefits. These include ransom reimbursement for kidnap, extortion or piracy; evacuation and repatriation; disappearance investigation; ransom lost in transit; hostage crisis; loss of earnings; personal accident; and legal expenses.

To find out more, please talk to us about your requirements and we will be pleased to advise.