Private Clients Insurance

International Healthcare Insurance

If you regularly travel, live or work outside the UK, it’s a good idea to take out an international health insurance policy, covering you for medical treatment overseas.

The quality and cost of medical treatment overseas can vary tremendously, which is why it’s essential you have international healthcare cover if you regularly live, work or travel abroad.

We offer specialist global cover that provides access to unlimited leading private healthcare facilities worldwide, which means, should you require medical attention at any time, you will be assured of receiving the best medical assistance available.

Cover includes care to complement the state provision, ensuring you receive the highest quality private treatment, with varying benefits and options available, depending on the country and region you are visiting, and your specific needs.

If you wish, your medical records, along with your travel documents and personal details, can be stored securely online, giving doctors access to your medical details, wherever you are in the world.

In order for us to tailor cover to your specific and ongoing requirements, please inform us about your lifestyle and travel plans and we will be happy to advise.