Private Clients Insurance

Aviation Insurance

We are specialists in arranging aviation insurance for private jet owners and operators, and corporate charter flyers, ensuring you are totally protected with bespoke cover.

Whether you operate your own aircraft or have a Pilot in Command, or regularly charter an aircraft, we have the experience and market knowledge to assist you with all your aircraft insurance needs.

We have been servicing the insurance requirements of our international client base for many years and have first hand understanding of the aviation insurance marketplace, enabling us to broker a first-class deal to meet your specific demands.

As required, we can advise on jet ownership, fractional jet ownership, airplane and helicopter hull insurance, hangar and contents, and will arrange damage and liability insurance as required.

Obviously, every owner or flyer is unique, with very different insurance requirements, and it is vitally important that your policy provides you with the highest level of personal protection against damage, accident and unforeseen claims.