Our Network

As members of Willis Towers Watson Networks, we have access to the world’s leading insurers and specialist underwriters, enabling us to create bespoke cover.

Membership of Willis Towers Watson Networks enables us to compete with larger brokers in terms of product offering, while still maintaining the service ethos of a smaller company, ensuring we provide the highest standards of personal attention, confidentiality and discretion.

With access to all the world’s leading insurers and specialist underwriters, we are able to create a bespoke insurance programme tailored to our clients’ individual needs, with enhanced wording where required, enabling our clients to enjoy complete peace of mind knowing that their most valuable assets are totally protected.

It is this combination of expertise, understanding of our clients’ lifestyles and access to the top insurers that makes Gracechurch’s offering unique, and enables us to maintain our core values of specialism, exclusivity and unparalleled personal service.